Club Meatballs

After tackling salads, sandwiches and good coffee, the team behind Sarnies and The Lokal homes in on the premium meatball.

Placed at China Square to serve a dominantly white-collared crowd, the mains at Club Meatball are ordered pick-and-mix style with options like wagyu and rosemary, Iberico pork and fennel, fish with coriander and chilli, and veggie chickpea and coriander. Pick one of the five sauces, including truffled mushroom and pesto to drizzle over your balls, and add sustenance with parmesan risotto, fresh pappardelle or one of the other 'Below your balls' options on offer ($22/serving). A good chunk of the menu has also been set aside for snacks like wagyu beef sliders ($12), salt and pepper squid with red pepper and garlic aioli sauces ($15) and wagyu and Iberico empanadas ($6).

Afterhours, the breezy, blue-tiled space doubles as a watering hole, with whiskey ($15-$21/45ml), spirits ($115-$17), craft and commercial beers ($13-$15), as well as Stella Artois ($10-$12) and Hoegaarden ($9-$13) on draft.



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