Club Meatballs

This is the third project in Singapore for the Sarnies Stable and this time the focus is Meatballs. It’s part of collaboration between Sarnies and BW Furniture in a space that breaks new ground by combining F&B with a furniture showroom.

The F&B space is actually made up of two parts: An open restaurant that serves a choose-your-own-adventure style meatballs experience (“Club Meatballs”) and a jaffle and cold-pressed juice kiosk  (“Club House”) inside the actual furniture showroom.

The concept is the brainchild of BW Furniture who is one of the best-known furniture companies in Asia. BW represents some of the top furniture brands in the world and has been servicing the market in Asia for 10 years. Wanting to get closer to their clients in the centre of Singapore, BW came up with the concept of creating a design centre where you can freely work, meet, eat and drink in a hospitality environment conducive to working away from your desk.

“Club Meatballs” is the main F&B space in the complex and fronts China Street in the heart of the CBD. The restaurant is completely open on two sides with a serious cocktail and wine bar at the front corner that sits right on the sidewalk. Inside is an open kitchen where you can get up close and personal with the culinary action and all the very cool furnishings are from BW’s product range.

 Through the back of the restaurant you can make your way to the main BW showroom that also doubles as a great space to have a coffee and get on with some important work. This is where you will find the amazing BW product range, a sculpture of chairs climbing up the back wall courtesy of LaSalle College of the Arts and a shipping container housing a takeaway coffee kiosk.


The interiors come courtesy of the insane talent of Geila Daughtry, Interior Designer to the stars and Founder of Singapore based firm Rockett Studio. Currently working on the new Disgruntled Chef and the renovation of The Club Hotel, Geila's past projects have included Petrus for Gordon Ramsey, as well as local favourites's Oxwell & Co., Wolf, & The Green Door.

Starting with the evenings, the heart of the Club Meatballs menu is the “pimp my balls” section where you can choose between 5 types of meatballs, 5 types of sides and 5 types of sauces. So one might choose Iberico pork and fennel meatballs, with papadelle and pesto or Wagyu beef meatballs with mash potato and salsa verde. The menu is supplemented with a great range of bar snacks including pulled pork sliders, salt and pepper squid and spanish empanadas.

Lunch will kick-off at the start of December and will feature a range of killer meatball subs, wraps and salads.

Out the back and the Club House kiosk will be serving Sarnies coffee, ultra-healthy cold pressed juices made onsite and gourmet jaffles, which are an Australian retro version of a toasted sandwich.

The cocktail bar within Club Meatballs makes a return to many of the old school favourites that are served as “high balls” or “low balls”. There are rusty nails, negronis, whiskey sours , Vespa martinis and mojitos to list a few and high quality spirits are utilised throughout. There is also an excellent wine and craft beer list.

In the Club House the focus is on cold pressed juices that are made onsite everyday for the healthy types.



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